Universal car Mount Front Rear Camera with High Definition waterproof ,night vision ,Backup Parking Reverse camera(SL-503C)

//Universal car Mount Front Rear Camera with High Definition waterproof ,night vision ,Backup Parking Reverse camera(SL-503C)
Universal car Mount Front Rear Camera with High Definition waterproof ,night vision ,Backup Parking Reverse camera(SL-503C)2019-01-17T06:27:47+00:00

Project Description

             If  you have  a  large vehicle  and  looking  for a  blind  spot detection  system to help  keep  you  safe,  As the professional vehicle camera manufature, our  backup  camera  is  a  great  option.  Sailors  Electronic  offers  the  highest  quality  backup camera  cars, trucks , VAN ,Heavy Duty and  SUVs.  these  aftermarket  cameras  fit  right  into  your  vehicle. Choose  from  a  variety of vehicle  safety  &  security  features  including  rear view video,  night  vision  &  more.

SL-503C Product Brief:

  • Add the safety benefits of a back-up, front, or side Camera to your car, without bulky equipment that interrupts your car’s streamlined design.

  • This Compact bullet-style flush mount Camera is the perfect way to discreetly add a fully functional side or backup Camera to your vehicle.

  • DISTANCE SCALE LINES: A rearview camera that features an accurate distance scale line display for proper parking and reversing without relying on side mirrors. It is perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited

  • NIGHT VISION LED: Driving at night will be easier with 68 IP rating, 170° lens wide viewing angle, and 420 TVL resolution. This model comes with night vision LEDs, which illuminate the area behind you at night helping you see easier in the dark

  • With an impressive IP67 waterproof rating, this little Camera holds up to the elements. Designed for durability, you’ll stay protected for years to come.Package content:1 x Car Front View Camera;1 x Video Cable(6m/about 20ft);1 x Power Cable(1.5m);1 x Hole Saw;1 x English User Manual

SL-502C-LENS (1)

IP68 100% Prefect Waterproof

Power Supply:

SL-502C-supply-energy (1)

Installed on Vehicle:

This backup camera system comes with a Mounted Monitor and a camera mounted on the front ,back or side of  Bus, Truck, VAN,Heavy Duty, Its installation is flexible , making this system ideal for a wide variety of vehicles. The camera is clear night vision and completely weatherproof with an IP68 rating and boasts a 10G vibration rating. The system includes all parts necessary for installation and a one year warranty.

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Technical parameters:

Car Front View Camera,Chuanganzhuo Universal High definition CMOS Non-mirror Image Waterproof Aluminum Material Front View Camera,Without Distance Scale Line,Black

With growth of economic and development of transportation, the quantities of vehicles is increasing rapidly. People increasingly attach importance to car safety driving.
With this front view camear, you can see clearly large viewing field and can eliminate blind spots where your eyes cannot reach at the front of you when sit.
This camera is really the best choice for your safety driving.

Type: Front view camera
Distance scale line: No
Image device:CMOS
TV system: NTSC
Resolution: 480TV Line
Effective Pixel:648×488
Power supply: DC 12V

Package content:
1 x Front View Camera(black);
1 x Video Cable(6m/about 20ft);
1 x Power Cable(1.5m/about 5ft);
1 x Hole Saw
1 x English User Manual

Suitable for any Car Monitor:

Such as 7 inch  Vertical Display

SL503C-Main-A (1)

Suitable for any Car Monitor:

Such as 4.3 inch Fold Monitor:

Suitable for any Car Monitor:

Such as 7 inch Mirror Monitor:

Connect Display:


Backup Side view CAMERA

Our Universal backup side view Camera mounts to any flat service making for a very clean install.

It comes with a viewing angle of 120 degrees and you can choice CMOS/CCD sensor as your need.

Night vision is supported and with even a very limited amount of ambient light, this camera will provide a crystal

clear image. With an IP68 rating this camera will be fit to ride out any storm and boasts a 10G vibration rating

as well as aircraft grade cable connections

Product accessories:


Car Make:

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