Emblem Backup Camera with waterproof High definition Reverse Reversing Rear View for Ford Ranger Pickup Truck (SL-556)

//Emblem Backup Camera with waterproof High definition Reverse Reversing Rear View for Ford Ranger Pickup Truck (SL-556)
Emblem Backup Camera with waterproof High definition Reverse Reversing Rear View for Ford Ranger Pickup Truck (SL-556)2019-01-16T08:58:45+00:00

Project Description

             If  you have  a  large vehicle  and  looking  for a  blind  spot detection  system to help  keep  you  safe,  As the professional vehicle camera manufature, our  backup  camera  is  a  great  option.  Sailors  Electronic  offers  the  highest  quality  backup camera  cars, trucks , VAN ,Heavy Duty and  SUVs.  With  replacement  OEM  third  brake  light  included, these  aftermarket  cameras  fit  right  into  your  vehicle. Choose  from  a  variety of vehicle  safety  &  security  features  including  rear view video,  night  vision  &  more.

SL-556 Product Brief:

  • Ford OEM baseplate and emblem for a factory fit and finish, 25′ PRELOOMED wiring harness – allows for quick tailgate disconnect with a single connection by the spare tire area. All other electrical connections can be made inside the cab for maximum durability and corrosion avoidance!

  • OEM inspired parking guidelines so that the picture will look exactly like it would have from the Ford factory

  • Kit includes all necessary OEM Ford mounting hardware and wire connectors

  • Super CMOS camera – the best available with over 600 TV lines of resolution and 170 degree view. 3 year warranty on everything!

  • Emblem Back-Up Camera For Select Ford Trucks (2004-2014 Ford F150 & 2008-2016 F250/350/450). Genuine Ford Camera Housing & Oval Ford Emblem Cover Used. Emblem Color: Original Dark Blue Ford Color

Installed on Truck:

This backup camera system comes with a Mounted Monitor and a camera mounted on the back  of  Ford Ranger Pickup Truck, Its installation is flexible , making this system ideal for a wide variety of vehicles. The camera is clear night vision and completely weatherproof with an IP68 rating and boasts a 10G vibration rating. The system includes all parts necessary for installation and a one year warranty.

Technical parameters:

170 Degree Wide Viewing Angle HD Reversing Night Vision IR Camera
Waterproof & Shockproof IP67 IP68
Perfect Night Vision with 4 x IR LED Lights
Resolution: 480 TVL
Lens Angle Max. 170°
Horizontal Angle Max: 160° Easy to install without drilling a hole in original license plate
Includes a Power Cable and Video Cable

Size: 54 x 14 x 2cm
Power Supply: DC12V 0.3W
Material Type: Plastic ABS

Package Content: 
License Plate Frame Rear View Camera with
1 x Power Cable
1x Video Cable

Suitable for any Car Monitor:

Such as 7 inch  Vertical Display

SL556CL-Main-A (1)

Suitable for any Car Monitor:

Such as 4.3 inch Fold Monitor:

SL556CL-Main-B (1)

Suitable for any Car Monitor:

Such as 7 inch Mirror Monitor:

SL556CL-Main-C (1)

Display on more size Monitor:

4.3″ 7″ 9″ 10″ 12″  inch

Connect Display:

sl-556-connect (1)

Backup License Plate CAMERA

Our Backup License camera  mounts to any license position and  making for a very clean install.

It comes with a viewing angle of 170 degrees and you can choice CMOS/CCD sensor as your need.

Night vision is supported and with even a very limited amount of ambient light, this camera will provide a crystal

clear image. With an IP68 rating this camera will be fit to ride out any storm and boasts a 10G vibration rating

as well as aircraft grade cable connections

SL-523-CAR-1 (1)

Product accessories:


Package Size:


Car Make:

SL-556-CAR-2 (1)


certificate-1 (1)
certificate-2 (1)
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