Car Backup License Plate Camera , Rear View Reversing Backup Camera for Universal Car Vehicle(SL-568)

//Car Backup License Plate Camera , Rear View Reversing Backup Camera for Universal Car Vehicle(SL-568)
Car Backup License Plate Camera , Rear View Reversing Backup Camera for Universal Car Vehicle(SL-568)2019-01-17T06:16:02+00:00

Project Description

             If  you have  a  large vehicle  and  looking  for a  blind  spot detection  system to help  keep  you  safe,  As the professional vehicle camera manufature, our  backup  camera  is  a  great  option.  Sailors  Electronic  offers  the  highest  quality  backup camera  cars, trucks , VAN ,Heavy Duty and  SUVs.  With  replacement  OEM  third  brake  light  included, these  aftermarket  cameras  fit  right  into  your  vehicle. Choose  from  a  variety of vehicle  safety  &  security  features  including  rear view video,  night  vision  &  more.

SL-568 Product Brief:

  • Vehicle Car Camera 8 POWERFUL LEDS: Say goodbye to dangerous nighttime driving! This rearview camera is armed with 8 bright LED lights that cut through the darkness and provide much-needed illumination. Driving has never been this safe

  • 170° VIEWING ANGLE: Blind spots be gone! With a 170° viewing angle, this car backup camera is like a second set of eyes. You’ll be more aware of obstacles and other cars on the road

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Snap-in design, Install it behind the license plate without drilling any holes. Perfect for vehicles such as Pickup truck, bus, Van, SUV, Mini car etc

  • ADVANCED WATERPROOFING: Bad weather? No problem. The Glumes 8-LED Rearview Backup Camera is IP67 waterproof! Rain, Operating temperature: -20 ° + 60, fog, snow, mist, dirt, and more are no match for this amazing gadget

  • HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES: What’s the point of installing a reversing camera if the resolution is blurry? At Glumes , we strive to give you the best— that’s why this camera boasts crystal-clear images. Our top-notch camera includes a 1/4″ color CMOS sensor, 648×488 PAL/NTSC pixels, and 480 TV lines of resolution

Installed on Car:

This backup License camera system comes with a Mounted Monitor and a camera mounted on the License position  of  Universal Car ,Bus, Truck, VAN,Heavy Duty, Its installation is flexible , making this system ideal for a wide variety of vehicles. The camera is clear night vision and completely weatherproof with an IP68 rating and boasts a 10G vibration rating. The system includes all parts necessary for installation and a one year warranty.

Technical parameters:


Anti fog glass, water-proof, shock-proof and anti-jamming functions.

CMOS imaging sensor,

With 8 LED lights, embedded mounting in rear bumper.

Snap-in design, easy to install.

High sensitivity and low power consumption.

High-definition and wide viewing angle.

It helps to avoid incidents and accidents abrasion well.

It’s simple and modest design and small size won’t draw any attention.

This camera can give you a full sight of the back of your car when you are driving.

Low illumination level, it can work within 3 meters at night and other dark environments.

Applicable to variety of vehicles: car, truck, RV, etc.

Imaging Device: 1/4 Inch cmos

Wide Angle: 170 degrees

Image Sensor: cmos

Video Output System: PAL / NISC

Pixels: 712 × 486

Resolution: 480TV

Power: 12V

Operating temperature: -20 ° + 60 °

Package Listing:

1 × reversing camera
1 × power cable
1 × video cable
1 × manual

Suitable for any Car Monitor:

Such as 7 inch  Vertical Display

Suitable for any Car Monitor:

Such as 4.3 inch Fold Monitor:

SL558-Main-B (1)

Suitable for any Car Monitor:

Such as 7 inch Mirror Monitor:

Display on more size Monitor:

4.3″ 7″ 9″ 10″ 12″  inch

Connect Display:

SL-558-connect (1)

Backup Side view CAMERA

Our Universal backup side view Camera mounts to any flat service making for a very clean install.

It comes with a viewing angle of 120 degrees and you can choice CMOS/CCD sensor as your need.

Night vision is supported and with even a very limited amount of ambient light, this camera will provide a crystal

clear image. With an IP68 rating this camera will be fit to ride out any storm and boasts a 10G vibration rating

as well as aircraft grade cable connections

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Product accessories:


Car Make:

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